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Answers to frequently asked questions about the Kappa League program.
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Youth partnerships within the community are necessary for the advancement and ultimate survival of organizations such as local community centers and recreational facilities. It is important to develop strong community partnerships that directly align with the mission and vision of the Men of Distinction. This is especially true when it comes to our youth. It is our duty to invest in our youth; in the future they will lead our local and global economies and make decisions that will affect future generations.


The College Park-Sandy Spring Alumni Kappa League Program will continue to reach out to community leaders in an effort to create community-based partnerships. We will devote 100 percent of our time and effort to creating formidable partnerships with programs that enhance our visibility and viability, thereby creating a “win-win” situation for all involved.


The CPSS Kappa League Program is ideally suited and excellent for young males between the ages of 12 and 18, and exemplifies the men of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. CPSS is a local alumni chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi and hosts the program at the University of Maryland-College Park.


On January 5, 1911, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. was founded on the campus of Indiana University. Ten male students had a vision to create an eternal fraternity bond with aspiring college males who embodied the principles of culture, patriotism and honor. The motto chosen to represent the fraternity was “Achievement in Every Field of Human Endeavor.” The fraternity has more than 150,000 members, with 721 undergraduate and alumni chapters in every state and international chapters in the United Kingdom, Germany, Korea, Japan, United States Virgin Islands, Nigeria, and South Africa.


The national fraternity created the Kappa League Program in 1970. The program is designed to improve the self-image of our young males by providing them with challenging and rewarding community-based experiences that could ultimately change their lives. The program was conceived in response to the continuing crisis facing our young males within their communities, and actively addresses these issues through seminars, lectures, field trips and workshops with the ultimate goals of improving cultural awareness/diversity, academic achievement, emotional, mental and physical health, and overall well-being.


The CPSS Kappa League Program is comprised of middle- and high-school age males from the Prince George’s community and adjacent counties. The program focuses on leadership development and self-motivation for academic achievement. In addition, CPSS’ Kappa League members, through club-oriented activities, develop and supervise projects that not only help them develop good leadership skills, but also teach them how to use ideas to plan and execute projects and report relevant data.


The main goal of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is to help its members, as well as other young males accomplish their goals, develop leadership skills, take responsibility for their actions and contribute to the success of their communities. All CPSS Kappa League activities are comprised of one or more of the following phases: Self Identity, Training, Competition, Socialization and Health Education. Ultimately, CPSS is devoted to helping young men reach their potential and become effective, fair and successful leaders, both within and outside of their communities. The program’s advisers currently consist of Mr. Byron Holmes (chairman) and Mr. Anthony Daniels (co-chairman).


In forging this new partnership, we want to promote the fraternity’s ideals and a clear vision that builds and maintains a “win-win” relationship with Men of Distinction and CPSS. Generally, this program will run from September to June. The meeting/contact sessions for this initiative will be held on two Saturdays every month. The program is free and open to young males of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Open enrollment will be extended to the youth in the community, although we will only allow a maximum of 25 young men per session. CPSS will provide food and refreshments for participants.


Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity is organized nationally into 12 provinces. Each province should participate in Kappa Kamp, our national summer camp program for Kappa League Program participants. The activities of the summer camp are designed to enrich the leadership skills of the young males. CPSS is a part of the Eastern Province (the District of Columbia, Maryland, Virginia, and Bermuda). The central location for the summer camp is in Dallas. Those who attend specific events during the calendar year will be eligible to apply and participate in Kappa Kamp—a weeklong overnight, interactive experience complete with challenging and entertaining activities that are managed by professional counselors and supported by Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity volunteers.


Kappa Kamp is designed to provide a positive, outdoor, educational experience in a structured environment. This camp is ideally suited for young inner-city males to promote environmental and ecological education. Kappa Kamp provides activities that foster the spirit of team building, self-respect and respect for others. Activities include: skill-based games, team exercises, confidence and leadership building tasks — all of which are designed to provide moderate physical challenges and stimulate creative thinking. The team-building exercises are scattered throughout the day and are intermingled with group discussions and lectures on health and drug awareness, cultural diversity, personal hygiene and etiquette. The camp also includes activities such as: canoeing, hiking, swimming, archery, etc. All costs for the Kappa League Program are underwritten by the host chapter (which, in this case, is CPSS).


CPSS has an excellent program that is ideally suited for outreach and youth partnership within the community. This program focuses on education, health, wellness and youth development. This chapter has been conducting the Kappa League Program in the Prince Georges community since 2013. Educators, engineers, lawyers, businessmen, military officers and healthcare workers serve as excellent role models for the young males.


The goals of the CPSS Kappa League Program are:

  1. For ALL members of the CPSS Kappa League Program to graduate and attend a four-year, post-secondary institution of higher learning,
  2. To create a new generation of dynamic, influential and inspirational young leaders that will make an impact on the local and global communities, and
  3. For Kappa League to be used as an instrument to create an environment of positive peer pressure through academic and community service programs.

The Kappa League Program, which supports the principles of health, wellness, achievement, youth development and recreation, is life-changing not only for those in the Prince Georges community, but also for others around the world.

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