About Kappa League

The National Instructional Leadership and Development Program

Kappa League is a program for the educational, occupational and social guidance of male students in grades 6-12. Our mission is to become a mentoring institution that creates the next generation of America's influential, inspirational, and transformational leaders of the 21st Century. Our Kappa League program goals are to assist the students to graduate high school and attend a 4-year post-secondary institution. We want to create a new generation of dynamic, influential and inspirational young leaders that will make a positive impact in society.  We attempt to address some of today’s problems facing youth through a variety of seminars, lectures, field trips and workshops which are all geared toward improving such characteristics as the student's cultural awareness/diversity, academic achievement, emotional, mental, and physical development.


Mission Statement


Assist young males (grades 6th – 12th) to accomplish their goals, develop leadership skills, take responsibility for their actions and contribute to the success of their communities.  Assuring their confidence to handle the day-to-day challenges by providing the necessary tools for personal growth and development for social emotional, and economic opportunities.  In addition, we are a program of educational and occupational guidance of youth, primarily inspirational and informative in character.  We place the training experience and friendly interest of successful men at the disposal of the youth needing inspiration and counsel regarding their choice of a life’s career, and to arouse the interest of the entire community in the problems of youth as they seek to realize lives of usefulness.


Vision Statement


To empower young men to go out into the world with confidence, respect and a will to work hard to achieve their goals.


Goals & Objectives


 The nucleus and primary focus of the Kappa League revolves around the "Seven Phases," which are:


  1. Self-Identity and Purpose (e.g.; discipline; assurance; confidence; social/emotional development; awareness; appearance; etc.);
  2. Training (e.g.; study skills; time management; leadership; organization; etc.)
  3. Competition (e.g., politics; debate; spoken words; sports; etc.)
  4. Social Development (e.g., religion; the Arts; entertainment; conversation-communication; learn by interaction; doing & group dynamics, etc.)
  5. Health Education (e.g., physical fitness; sex education; drugs; health & safety; etc.)
  6. Economic Empowerment (e.g., stock market; fundamental of banking – earnings, savings, spending; cash vs. credit, etc.)
  7. College and Career (e.g., academic readiness; high school and beyond; career day; college admissions; financial aid workshop; survival skills, etc.)

Interested in Your Son(s) Participating in Our Kappa League Program?

College Park Sandy Spring (MD) Alumni of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. has an excellent program that is ideally suited for outreach and youth partnership within the community. If interested in participating in our program, please contact our chapter president via e-mail at polemarch@cpsskapsi.org, and cc: our chapter e-mail as well, cpsskapsi@gmail.com

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