An Invitation from CPSS Alumni's Reclamation Committee Chairman

Greetings From Brother Michael Dudley

Chapter Reclamation Committee Chairman Mike Dudley Chapter Reclamation Committee Chairman Mike Dudley

As chair of the CPSS Reclamation Committee, I wanted to share the Vision, Purpose, Definitions, and Methods of the Committee for the 2023-2024 fraternal year.


Vision: Maintain CPSS Financial Membership at 2022-2023 level - 115 brothers.

  • Measures of Success: Number financially active brothers compared w/ goal.
  • 2022-2023 Results: Achieved 94% of goal of 122.

Purpose:  The purpose of the Reclamation & Retention Committee is twofold:

  • Reclaim non-financial brothers and encourage them to become financially and physically active members of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, the Eastern Province, and College Park/Sandy Spring (MD) Alumni Chapter.
  • Retain current financial CPSS brothers and encourage them to stay financially and physically active.
  • Note: “Physically active” = attend meetings, attend events, vote in chapter elections and during MTA, and otherwise be an active participant in the operation and activities of CPSS.

Definitions:  Brothers sometimes ask: “What is the difference between events sponsored by the Reclamation and Retention Committee, and those sponsored by the Events Committee?”  The difference is based upon whether the purpose of the event is Fellowship or Fundraiser as defined below:  

  • Fellowship events = minimal cost to brothers.  Brothers are charged for the price of admission.  Example: Wizards game tickets are $95 but we charge slightly over ($110) to mitigate risk of unsold tickets.  These are Reclamation and Retention Committee run events.
  • Fundraisers = equal admission price plus extra cost to brothers.  Brothers charged admission price plus $50 or so to raise funds for the chapter.  Example: Event tickets are $100, and we charge $150 per ticket.  If we sell to 20 brothers and Silhouettes (40 tickets), we raise $2,000 (40 x $50 = $2,000) for the chapter. These are Events Committee events.


  • Reclamation and Retention: Develop and distribute calendar of chapter events and monthly newsletters to keep brothers informed and post to webpage (see QR code) - please share with inactive brothers
  • Reclamation and Retention: Utilize fellowship events and fundraisers as opportunities to reclaim and retain brothers
  • Reclamation and Retention: Use of Kappa Takeover outreach tools to reach out to inactive brothers and to inform active brothers of upcoming events (initial reclamation focus).
    • MailChimp
    • EZ Texting
  • Reclamation: Utilize IHQ listing of brothers in the area and last few CPSS C-6 listings to target inactive brothers for outreach.
  • Retention: Utilize “calling tree” to inform active brothers of upcoming events 
    • Chairman:  Ean Vessels
    • Plan:  Quarterly Calls by 10 or so brothers to 10 brothers each starting after retreat
    • Focus on the 65 or so we rarely attend meetings/activities
    • Purpose:  Ensure all 115 brothers know of upcoming events

If you have any ideas or suggestions, feel free to reach out to me directly.  Thanks to all of you for your support to the CPSS Reclamation and Retention Committee!


Yours in the Bond,


Mike Dudley

Spring ’79 (8 Klub)

Eta Sigma/University of Virginia

Chairman, Reclamation and Retention Committee

Reclamation Committee Chair |

Mobile:  443-254-3274

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